Walker Mower Attachments


Walker Mower Attachments

Whether you’re a passionate homeowner or a dedicated landscaping professional, having the right mower attachments is critical. Here at Aubin Equipment, we’re proud to offer a broad range of brands and models to choose from, including Walker mowers and attachments. We’ve outlined a few of our favorites below. Stop by our location in East Dennis, MA to start browsing!


The C48 is easily one of the most popular decks among lawn care enthusiasts for a number of reasons. First, this 48-inch collection deck is specifically designed for grass collection on larger, finished turf areas. You’ll enjoy the powerful vacuum action, which makes it ideal for leaf and other debris collection. The C48 attachment performs best when mowing in wide combination areas. There are also plenty of configuration options, including a deck height adjuster, curb jumper, adjustable footrests, breakaway blades, boom sprayer, dethatcher, and much more.


For those H-series tractor operators who are eager to gain high-production mowing capabilities in both rough and finished conditions, you’ll be pleased with the S60. This 60-inch discharge deck is fit for the job with its three-blade V design, which is belt-driven and comes with an integrated footrest. This walker mower attachment uses a robust spindle and belt-tensioning idler design. You’ll receive maximum performance on rough mowing conditions with debris or ground contact. Plus, the belt-driven decks also feature tool-free belt change and are equipped with easy-to-maintain spindles and components.

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